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North American Tour 2012

Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
on the airplane. North American Tour 2012 KIX ? LAX July 17
  We are in the USA!
7/19 Philadelphia July 18th, 19th Philadelphia 7/19 Philadelphia,PA-@Jhonny Brenda’s Philadelphia “Johnny Brenda’s”
7/20 Asbury Park July 20th Asbury Park, NJ
7/20 Asbury Park,NJ -@Asbury Lanes
Asbury Park “Asbury Lanes”
7/21 Brooklyn July 21st Brooklyn, NY
7/21 Brooklyn,NY -@The Bell House
Brooklyn “The Bellhouse”
7/22 Hoboken July 22nd, Hoboken, NJ
7/22 Hoboken,NJ -Maxwells
Hoboken “Maxwell’s”
7/23 C===┌( ・_・)┘ July 23rd, Day Off
7/23 Day off in Manhattan,NY
7/24 Providence July 24th Providence, RI
7/24 Providence,RI -Providence Social Club
Providence “Social Club”
7/25 Portland July 25th Portland, ME
7/25 Portland,ME -Space Gallery
Portland “Space Gallery”
7/26 Allston July 26th Allston, MA
7/26 Allston,MA -Great Scotts
Allston “Great Scotts”
7/27 Rochester July 27th Rochester, NY
7/27 Rochester,NY -Bug Jar
Rochester “Bug Jar”
7/28 Long Lake July 28th, Long Lake, NY
7/28 Long Lake, NY
Long Lake “Sabattis Pavillion”
7/29 Bethlehem July 29th Bethlehem, PA
7/29 Bethlehem,PA -Levitt Pavillion Steelstacks
Bethlehem “Levitt Pavilion Steelstacks “
7/30 Detroit July 30th Detroit, MI
7/30 Detroit,MI -Lager House
Detroit “Lager House”
7/31 Grand Rapids July 31st Grand Rapids, MI
7/31 Grand Rapids,MI -The Pyramid Scheme
Grand Rapids “Pyramid Scheme”
Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
8/1 C===┌( ・_・)┘ August 1st A Day Off in Grand Rapids, MI
8/2 Chicago August 2nd Chicago, IL
8/2 Chicago,IL -Empty Bottle
Chicago “Empty Bottle”
8/3 Madison August 3rd Madison, WI
8/4 Madison,MI -University of Wisconsin
Madison “University of Wisconsin”
8/4 Minneapolis
August 4th, Minneapolis, MI
8/4 Minneapolis,MN -7th Street Entry
Minneapolice “7th street”
8/5 Fargo August 5th, Fargo, ND
8/5 Fargo,ND -The Aquaruim
Fargo “Aquarium”
8/6 C===┌( ・_・)┘ August 6th Fargo ? Seattle Travel Day

8/6 Billings,MT -Travel Day
Day off in Montana
8/7 C===┌( ・_・)┘ August 7th A Day Off in Seattle, WA 8/7 Spokane,WA -Travel Day
Day off in Spokane
8/8 Seattle August 8th, Seattle, WA
8/8 Seattle,WA -Tractor Tavern
Seattle “Tractor Tavern”
8/9 Portland August 9th, Portland, OR
8/9 Portland,OR -Dante’s
Portland “Dante’s Caffe Italiano”
8/10 San Francisco August 10th, San Francisco, CA
8/10 San Francisco -Bottom of the Hill
San Francisico “Bottom of the hil”
8/11 San Jose August 11th, San Jose, CA
8/11 San Jose -Blank Club
San Jose “Blank Club”
8/12 Long Beach August 12th, Long Beach, CA
8/12 Long Beach,CA -Alex Bar
Long Beach “Alex’s Bar”
8/13 San Diego August 13th, San Diego, CA
8/13 San Diego,CA -Casbah
San Diego “Casbah”
8/14 Tucson August 14th, Tucson, AZ
8/14 Tuson,AZ -Club Congress
Tucson “Club Congress”
Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
8/15 C===┌( ・_・)┘ August 15th, Travel Day, Fort Stockton, TX
8/16 Austin August 16th, Austin, TX
8/16 Austin,TX -Red7
Austin “Red7″
8/17 Dallas August 17th, Dallas, TX
8/17 Dallass,TX -Club Dada
Dallas “Dada”
8/18 Little Rock August 18th, Little Rock AR
8/18 Little Rock,AR -Stickyz Rock’n’ Roll Chicken.
From Emi
8/19 Nashville August 19th, Nashville, TN
8/19 Nashville,TN -Exit/In
Nashville “Exit/in” とCincinnati “The Taft Theatre”
8/20 Cincinnati August 20th, Cincinnati, OH
8/20 Cincinnati,OH -Taft Theatre
8/21 Cleveland August 21st, Cleveland, OH
8/22 Cleveland,OH -Beachland Ballroom
Cleveland “Beachland Ballroom”
August 22nd, Toronto, CANADA
Tronto “University of Tronto”そして、帰国!!