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North American Tour 2010

Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
9/6 Osaka さていよいよ。明日から北米ツアー行ってきま~す。
We’ll go to North American tour tomorrow.
9/7 Osaka ~ Seattle SeattleWe arrived at Seattle Tacoma Airport in this morning. It took about 9 hours. I alway see many people at the airport in NY or LA but there were not so meny people at Tacoma. It was easy. We went to the hotel and had a little rest, then go to Thai restaurant. >>>MORE 北米ツアーへ出発いよいよ北米ツアーに向けて出発します。今回も約1ヶ月。最終日にはレコーディングもあります。リアルタイムのツアーの様子はツイッターでつぶやいてきまーす♪ >>>続きへ 9/7 seattle到着
9/8 Seattle September 8th, 2010 at SeattleI had a plan to get up at 8:30 in the morning but my new mobile phone’s alarm didn’t work. I was sleeping until 9:10. I rushed to a dining room and had breakfast. I packed my bags and checked out at 11:00 and went to Space needle. I’ve been there before. >>>MORE 9/8 Seattle - @Tractor Tavern 9/8 seattle LIVE @Tractor Tavern
9/9 Vancouver (CANADA) Sep. 9 - 12 9/9 Vancouver-@Biltmore Cabaret 9/9 Vancouver LIVE@Biltmore Cabaret
9/10 Portland North American Photos Sep. 10th updated 9/10 Portland-@Mississippi Studios 9/10 Portland LIVE@Mississippi Studios
9/11 Oakland   9/11 Oakland- @Uptown 9/11 Oakland LIVE @uptown
9/12 San Fransisco Sep. 12th San Francisco 9/12 San Fransisco @Amoeba @Bottom of the Hill 9/12 San Francisco LIVE @ Bottom of the Hill
9/13 San Diego Sep. 12th San Francisco, additonal things 補足しますと…。San Franciscoのブログの続きと補足などUPしまする。ちょっと日が経っただけで何したか忘れてしまいますわ。9月12日(日)9:40AM 起床、睡眠は十分とれたと思います。10:30AM 電話インタビュー(ボストンから)、電話で英語というのはちょっと緊張するけど、おもしろい。11:00AM お宿をチェックアウト >>>続きへ 9/13 San Diego -@Casbah 9/13 San Diego LIVE@Casbah
9/14 Los Angeles September 12th - 15th photos 9/14 Los Angeles -@Amoeba, @Spaceland 9/14 Los Angeles LIVE@Spaceland
9/15 Los Angeles 9/15 Los Angeles -Day off 9/15 Los Angeles day off
9/16 Austin September 16th - September 17th   9/16 Austin day off
Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
9/17 Austin trouble of Twitter 9/17 Austin -@Red7 9/17 Austin LIVE @Red 7
9/18 Dallas September 18th - 21st 9/18 Dallas -@The Loft 9/18 Dallas LIVE@The Loft
9/19 Kansas City   9/19 Kansas City -@Record Bar 9/19 Kansas City LIVE@Record Bar
9/20 Northfield 9/20 Northfield -The Cave 9/20 Northfield LIVE@The Cave
9/21 Chicago 9/21 Chicago -@Schubas Tavern 9/21 Chicago LIVE@Schubas Tavern
9/22 Kalamazoo September 22nd Kalamazoo, MI 9/22 Kalamazoo -@The Strutt 9/22 Kalamazoo LIVE@ The Strutt
9/23 Cincinnati September 23rd - 24th 9/23 Cincinnati -Midpoint Music Festival 9/23 Cincinnati LIVE@ Midpoint Music Fest Cincinnati
9/24 Pittsburgh 9/24 Pittsburgh -31st Pub 9/24 Pittsburgh LIVE@31st Pub
9/25 New York September 25th New York, NY 9/25 New York -@Asia Society Museum 9/25 New York LIVE@Asia Society Museum
9/26 Washington DC September 26th Washington, DC - September 27th Travel Day and 28th 9/26 Washington,DC -@Rock and Roll Hotel 9/26 Washington LIVE@Rock and Roll Hotel
Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
9/27 Fairfield Comparison of public restrooms between Japan and U.S. 日米公衆トイレ比較せっかくアメリカに来てるんで、日本の事情と比較しとこぅと思ってトイレ比較やってみました。アメリカのトイレは、ドアが短くて、中に入っている人の足が見える。これはわたし、別段気になりません。壊れていることもしばしば。まぁ、ほかのトイレを使えばいい話ですが。それから、 >>>続きへ   9/27 Fairfield Day off
9/28 Brooklyn September 28th Brooklyn, NY - September 29th Milford,CT 9/28 Brooklyn -@Knitting Factory 9/28 Brooklyn LIVE@Knitting Factory
9/29 Milford 9/29 Milford -@Daniel Street 9/29 Milford LIVE@Daniel Street
9/30 Montreal (CANADA) September 30th Montreal, Canada - October 2nd Buffalo, NY 9/30 Montreal -@Pop Montreal 9/30 Montreal LIVE @Cabaret du Mile End Pop
10/1 Toronto (CANADA) Photos and some additional diary of the tour 10/1 Toronto -@Horseshoe Tavern 10/1 Toronto LIVE@Horseshoe Tavern
10/2 Buffalo 10/2 Buffalo -@Mohawk Place 10/2 Buffalo LIVE@Mohawk Place
10/3 Buffalo 10/3 10/4 Buffalo Recording 10/3 Buffalo リハーサル
10/4 Buffalo 10/4 Buffalo レコーディング
10/6 Osaka I’m at home.I arrived at KIX, Osaka-Kansai airport, from Buffalo on 3:30PM yesterday. I haven’t slept the day before my flight but I could sleep in the airplane. I don’t feel any fatigue. It took 20 hours for our journey, though >>>MORE