Tour Map & Blog

UK/EU Tour 2012

Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
9/29 From Osaka From Osaka-Kansai to Heathrow    
9/30 Arrived in London Arrival day in London    
10/1 London 1st ,October Osaka Ramones show at Cargo, London
10/1 Cargo in London
Live in London ,CARGO
10/2 Manchester 2nd, October BBC 6 session and Ruby Lounge, Manchester
10/2 Ruby Lounge in Manchester
10/3 Nottingham 3rd, October Glee Club, Nottingham
10/3 Glee Club in Nottingham
Live in Manchester & Nottingham
10/4 Newcastle 4th October Cluny, New Castle
10/4 Cluny in Newcastle
10/5 Glasgow 5th October Oran Mor, Glasgow
10/5 Oran Mor in Glasgow
Live in Newcastle & Glasgow
10/6 C===┌( ・_・)┘ 6th October Drive day from Glasgow to Leicester
  Day off in Leicester
10/7 Leicester 7th October The Musician, Leicester
10/7 The Musician in Leicester
Live in Leicester
10/8 Birmingham 8th October Glee Club, Birmingham
10/8 Glee Club in Birmingham
Live in Birmingham
10/9 Cardiff 9th October Bogies, Cardiff

10th October sightseeing in Cardiff
10/9 Bogiez in Cardiff
Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
10/10 Bristol 10th October The Fleece, Bristol
10/10 The Fleece in Bristol
Live in Cardiff & Bristol
10/11 Galway 11th October Roisin Dubh Galway, Ireland
10/11 Roisin Dubh in Galway,IR
Live in Galway & Cork
10/12 Cork 12th October Crane Lane Theater, Cork Ireland
10/12 Crane Lane Theatre in Cork,IR
10/13 Dublin 13th October Whelan’s, Dublin Ireland
10/13 Whelan’s in Dublin, IR
Live in Dublin
10/14 Belfast 14th October Black Box, Belfast Northern Ireland
10/14 Black Box in Belfast, IR
Live in Belfast

10/15 Norwich 15th October The Waterfront, Norwich
10/15 Waterfront in Norwich
Live in Norwich
10/16 London 16th October Cargo, London
10/16 Cargo in London
Live in London
10/17 Brussels 17th October Beursschouwburg, Brussels BE
10/17 Beursschouwburg in Brussels, BE
10/18 Hasselt 18th October Muziekodroom Hasselt, BE
10/18 Muziekodroom in Hasselt, BE
Live in Brussele & Hasselt
10/19 Utrecht 19th October db’s Utrecht, NL
10/19 dB’s in Utrecht, NL
Live in Utrecht
Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
10/20 C===┌( ・_・)┘ 20th October travel day from Utrecht to Hamburg
10/21 Copenhagen 21st October Loppen, Copenhagen Denmark
10/21 Loppen in Copenhagen,DK
Live in Copenhagen
10/22 Gothenburg 22nd October Pustervikbaren, Gothenburg, SE
10/22 Pustervikbaren in Gothenburg,SE
10/23 Oslo 23rd October Cafe MONO, Oslo, NO
10/23 Cafe Mono in Oslo,NO
10/24 Helsinki 24th October, Tavastia, Helinki FI
10/24Tavastia in Helsinki,FI
10/25 C===┌( ・_・)┘ 25th October Travel day from Helsinki to Oslo
  Live in Gothenburg, Oslo & Helsinki
10/26 Tromso 26th October Basterd Bar Tromso, NO
10/26 Bastard Bar in Tromso, NO
10/27 Aalborg 27th October Aalborg, Studenterhuset
10/27 Studenterhuset in Aalborg
Live in Tromso & Aalborg