Tour Map & Blog

Date Place Naoko Ritsuko Emi
9/6 Sheffield September 6th Sheffield, Queens Social Club
9/6 Queens Social Club in Sheffield,UK
Live in Sheffield & Stowmarket
9/7 Stowmarket September 7th Saturday, John Peel Centre
9/7 John Peel Centre in Stowmarket,UK
9/8 C===┌( ・_・)┘ September 8th Off Day
9/9 C===┌( ・_・)┘ September 9th Off Day
9/10 C===┌( ・_・)┘ September 10th Tuesday Day Off
9/11 Cologne September 11th Cologne, Germany at King Georg
9/11 King George in Colonge,DE
Live in Cologne
9/12 Frankfurt September 12th Thursday, “DAS BETT” Frankfurt, Germany
9/12 Das Bett in Frankfurt,DE
9/12 Live in Frankfurt
9/13 Ebensee September 13rd Friday, “KINO” Ebensee, Austria
9/13 KINO in Ebensee,AT
Live in Ebensee
9/14 Zagreb September 14th, Saturday Zagreb, Croatia “Culture Factory”
9/14 Culture Factory in Zadreb,HR
Live in Zagreb
9/15 Vienna September 15th Sunday, “The Chelsea” Vienna, Austria
9/15 The Chelsea in Vienna AT
Live in Vienna
9/16 Bratislava September 16th Monday, “KC Dunaj” Bratislava, Slovakia
9/16 in KC Dunaj in Bratislava,SL
Live in Bratislava
9/17 Budapest September 17th Tuesday, “Durer Kert” Budapest, Hungary
9/17 Durer Kerr in Budapest,HU
Live in Budapest
9/18 Prague September 18th Wednesday, “007” Prague, Czech
9/18 Club 007 in Prague,Cz
Live in Prague
9/19 Nurnberg September 19th Thursday, “Kunstlerhaus” Nuernberg, Germany
9/19 Ku”nstlerhaus in Nurnberg,DE
Live in Neurnberg
9/20 Zug September 20th “The Galvanik” Zug, Switzerland
9/20 The ‘Galvanik’ in Zug,CH
Live in Zug
9/21 Paris September 21st “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” Paris, France
9/21 Tokyo Crazy Kawaii in Paris,FR
Live in Paris
9/22 Tilburg September 22nd Sunday, “Incubate Festival”
9/22 Incubate Festival in Tilburg,NL
Live in Tilburg
9/23 C===┌( ・_・)┘ September 23rd Monday and 24th Tuesday, 2 Days Off in Amsterdam, Netherland
9/24 C===┌( ・_・)┘    
9/25 Opwijk September 25th, “Nijdrop” Opwijk, Belgium
9/25 Nijdrop in Opeijk,BE
Live in Opwijk
9/26 Rotterdam September 26th Thursday, “Camera Japan Festival” Rotterdam, Netherland
9/26 ‘Camera Japan’ Festival in Rotterdam,NL
Live in Rotterdam
9/27 Utrecht September 27th Friday, “db’s” Utrecht, Netherland
9/27 dB’s in Utrecht,NL
9/28 Namur September 28th Saturday, “Belvedere” Namur, Belgium
9/28 Belvedere in Namur,BE
Live in Namur
9/29 London September 29th Sunday, “Dingwalls” London, U.K.
9/29 Dingwalls in London, U.K.
Live in London