ALIVE! in Osaka

Japan (CD)

ALIVE! in Osaka

North America, Europe and UK (DVD/CD)

ALIVE! in Osaka

Australia & New Zealand (CD)

ALIVE! in Osakaアライヴ! 異次元への飛翔

Release Date:
Japan 2018/03/14
CD PCD-25251 ¥2,500+tax

North America, Europe, UK: 2018/05/04
Good Charamel Records
DVD/CD package

Australia & New Zealand: 2018/04/01
Valve Records

  1. Pop Tune
  2. Super Group
  3. Banana Chips
  4. Twist Barbie
  5. Bear Up Bison
  6. Bad Luck Song
  7. Green Tangerine
  8. Move on
  9. Jump into the New World
  10. Rock’n’roll T-shirt
  11. Cruel To Be Kind (CD ONLY)
  12. All You Can Eat
  13. Sushi Bar Song
  14. Wasabi
  15. Ramen Rock
  16. Riding on the Rocket
  17. Buttercup (I’m a Super Girl)
  18. Pyramid Power
  19. Antonio Baka Guy
  20. It’s a New Find
  21. BBQ Party




■この日のためにあつこがアメリカから帰国!なおこ(G, Vo)、あつこ(B, Vo)、りさ(Ds, Vo)のラインナップによる録音。

■「Jump Into The New World」や「Rock’n’roll T-Shirt」等、近年のナンバーを中心に、「Twist Barbie」や「すしバーソング」等、少年ナイフ・クラシックスもばっちり収録。代表曲、人気曲を網羅したグレイテスト・ヒッツともいえる必殺のセットリスト!初お披露目となる、みんな大好きなニック・ロウの「Cruel To Be Kind」のカヴァーもうれしい!

■海外ではCD & DVDのセットでリリース!

The DVD/CD package was recorded live at Juso Fandango in Osaka, Japan in December of 2017 and includes 21 tracks from the band’s 3+ decade long career as Japan’s most loved Indie rock import.

Featuring classics such as “Twist Barbie”, “Bear Up Bison” and “Sushi Bar Song”, newer tracks like “Jump Into The New World” and “Rock N Roll Tee Shirt” as well as a cover of Nick Lowe’s classic “Cruel to be Kind”, the band is captured in their true element entertaining fans in the city that made them who they are today.